How we are doing?

Stage 1 
Contact me via e-mail or telephone 

Stage 2
Describe to me what you are looking for in a site. This may include colour, a web site layout
you liked the looks of whilst surfing the net. If it is not a breeders Kennel, then I need from you the type
of product you would like to promote. I also need some idea what internal pages you would
like on your site - i.e. About Us - For Sale - Links - Puppis pg.

Stage 3
Once I have the colour scheme and an idea in my head of the type of layout you require, I then play
around with a few ideas which include graphics and possibly a logo for your new site.
I will upload the trial pages to the Internet on a special web site address for your viewing.

Stage 4

Once viewed, ideas can be sent back and forth until the desired layout has been excepted by both parties.
 If everything looks good to you, your site will be made public!

Stage 5

 Completion of web site and full payment required

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