Judging Collies in HYVINKÄÄ - Finland


I was honoured to have an record entry of 103 Rough & 41 Smooth Collies this year in Finland at HYVINKÄÄ, CC Show, where I was judged on 16 of October.
Because of the Finish rule of judging, they took of all the Smooths & veteran Roughs from me, but it was still a great pleasure to judge over 90 Rough Collies there.
I was very pleased that I found many of them of a good type, especially young ones, junior class bitches were of extremely good quality.
My special mention goes to my BEST DOG & BOB WINNER Woolmill's DeBrau Jever , a dark sable dog, an extremely eye catcher, a dog no one should miss - he showed himself in and out of the ring as well.
...I want to mention also a great future winner himself - my BEST JUNIOR DOG, 2nd BEST DOG and CC winner Spearlake's Let's Twist Again, a lovely built blue, whose time is coming...  
... not to forget my BEST BITCH & BOS, Lion Blend Look What An Apple, a veteran winner, 11 year old lady and her runner ups - two young girls - BEST JUNIOR, 2nd BEST BITCH, CC Winner Kiiramanna Blue Heaven, shiny blue, and 3th BEST BITCH, r.CC Winner Finn Arrow Extra Energy, lovely built tri...
The country with so many promising youngsters should no worry for the future....
Thanks to Rhea & all the organisers for taking good care of me.
 Take care & so long.
Jadranka Mijatovic