Denis Sabolic
was born 26.02.1966. in Zagreb
as only boy in the family of three children, and the youngest one - he had very happy childhood,
but he felt that something is missing...
at the age of 11 he realised what he missed - a collie!
...after three years of saving money his
dream come true!
One collie puppy came into his home. The year was 1980.
Two years later, 1982 the first female came...
1984. first DENNISAY'S litter was born!
Today's well known kennel was established.
1985. Denis finished his high school - and instantly he decided that he will never work for somebody else as an employee...
1986. He went to army for a year and a half - very difficult time - for somebody who like a freedom so much - to be locked into the barracks...
1984-2006 Denis was very teachable, open minded, he always knew how to put his ego into his pocket and listen