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                                   Pricing is in Euros - Currency Converter

                                     The prices below are basic

                               Pricing all depends on the size, condition and behaviour of the dog but below is an estimate only of what certain breeds and their mixes could cost. Prices can vary if booked in on a very regular basis.

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                                             Small Dogs-
From 20.00 Euros

Maltese/x, Shih Tzu/x, Pomeranian/x, Poodle (Toy, Miniature)/x,  Schnauzer (Miniature)/x, Cavalier/x, Westy/x,Bichon/x


                                                                                  Medium Dogs - From 30 Euros                                           

                       Cocker/x, Larger Poodle/x, Bedlington Terrier, Standard Schnauzer/x, Labrador Retrievers/x if thick coated

                                                                Large Dogs - From 40 Euros                                                  

                                    Standard Poodle/x, German Shepherd/x, Golden Retriever/x, Border Collie/x, Airedale/x, Australian Shepherds


                               Medium/Large Long Double Coated Breeds/x's - From 45 Euros

                                             Bobtail, Samoyed/x, Rough Coated Collie/x, Bearded Collies


               YOUR PET IS ALLWAYS #1

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